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Sleep Smarter at Any Age: A Free App and Three Tips

Elizabeth Saenger, PhD If you have trouble getting a good night's sleep, you are not alone.  A careful 2016 study  of Americans found 19% did...

Bedtime for Children

Bedtime for Frances is one of the most adorable children’s stories I know. In it, little Frances finds all sorts of reasons to avoid...

Spring Forward: Daylight Savings Ahead!

March 11th is approaching. If you are in the US, read’s advice on how to prepare for the switch to Daylight Savings Time....

A Study to Warm the Koalas of Your Heart

Wild koalas appear to benefit from Daylight Saving Time.

Escape the Burden of Switching to Daylight Time

Our inner clock doesn’t know that the government has rescheduled our lives.

How to Prepare for Standard Time

For the time shift on November 4th, 2018.

Seeking Treatment for Light Therapy, and Other Chronotherapy

CET does not recommend trying light therapy, or any other circadian rhythm treatment, without the supervision of a professional. Although side effects are rare,...

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Spotlight on Parkinson’s Disease

Light therapy, once typecast as the treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), continues to increase its therapeutic repertoire. Last year, it beat Prozac (fluoxetine)...

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