Thursday, June 4, 2020

CET Staff

Elizabeth Saenger

Psychologist Elizabeth Saenger received a PhD from Harvard University, and completed her postdoctoral work at the University of California at Berkeley. Subsequently, she taught and worked off and on at Columbia University, where she met Dr. Michael Terman. As a clinician, Dr. Saenger specialized in mood disorders, and in helping people help themselves. As editorial director of psychiatry for Medscape, LLC, of WebMD, she developed content on the diagnosis and treatment of many disorders, as well as pro bono online continuing medical education on recovery, empowerment, stigma, and seclusion and restraint.

For the next ten years, Dr. Saenger advocated for patient-centered, trauma-informed, culturally competent care at the Center for Rehabilitation and Recovery, New York City Health and Hospital Corporation, and Coalition for Behavioral Health Agencies. As part of her responsibilities, she edited a monthly online newsletter on recovery for professionals, and included patient insights. She also wrote articles, such as, “A Welcome Ethic for Behavioral Health.” Dr. Saenger has consulted on issues affecting people with diagnoses of mental illness, writing a guide on how to supervise peer specialists, and a white paper for New York City on how to integrate peers with histories of incarceration  into the work force.

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