A reader asks:

Thank you for providing a very useful website. I do not suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) , but am familiar with it because my father does. He has used light therapy successfully for years. I recently changed jobs. and unfortunately am working for the first time in an interior office space with no natural lighting. I would like to purchase a lamp to provide a more natural light for my working environment. However, I am not sure that the lamps which treat SAD are appropriate for long periods of exposure during the work day. I have been trying to research the best products online but have only managed to confuse myself even more. Would you be able to provide a recommendation for a desk lamp/fluorescent bulb replacement product for the office environment? Thank you for your assistance.


Our recommended light therapy device was designed not just for therapy. It was intended for desktop use in an interior office, too. For that reason, its position, and the amount of light it gives off, are both adjustable.

The light has two purposes. One is to maximize how well we see. The other is to get biological benefits: the energizing and antidepressant responses. When the screen is positioned down toward the desk, at the lower output level, the lamp is well-suited for reading and writing. Positioning the screen at an angle toward the face increases its therapeutic action. Placing the unit at a distance of 3 feet or more provides continual light throughout the room — a level of light below usual therapeutic levels. Every individual needs to determine how much light is “too much” (for example, whether the light causes speediness or agitation). Thus the level may well need to be adjusted as the work day progresses.

Clearly, we think it’s worth a try!