Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sunrise When You Need It

Michael Terman sits under a broad-field light diffuser. Placed over your bed, it delivers a therapeutic simulation of naturalistic dawn while you sleep. read more
A Tale of two sleepers

A Tale of Two Sleepers

How a champion sleeper and an insomniac learned to synchronize their sleep schedules. It was the best of sleep, it was the worst of sleep—in...

Does Counting Sheep Work? And What Can You Do If It Doesn’t?

Elizabeth Saenger, PhD Counting sheep to go to sleep has a long history, beginning at least in the twelfth century in the Islamic world. But...

Sleep Smarter at Any Age: A Free App and Three Tips

Elizabeth Saenger, PhD If you have trouble getting a good night's sleep, you are not alone.  A careful 2016 study  of Americans found 19% did...
A Wake Up Call About Sleep and Rest

A Wake Up Call About Sleep and Rest

  A Lancet Psychiatry study published in May 2018 measured the activity/rest patterns in more than 90,000 people by having them wear wrist accelerometers for...

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