Thursday, September 17, 2020

CET Recommended Products

Dawn Simulator


The Per2 Smart Lamp  wakes you up the way nature intended: naturally, with gentle illumination increasing like a sunrise.

Air Ionizer


Twin Air Pro 2 Ionizer from NaturAir

Newly designed, the Twin Pro 2 the most powerful unit of its kind available for home air purification, and it achieves CET’s high-density ionization requirements for therapeutic use.

Used as an air purifier, the Twin Pro 2 removes airborne bacteria, allergens, pollen, harmful dust, pet odors and dander, as well as tobacco smoke and odor.

Protective Eyewear


CET’s recommended fitover and non-fitover eyewear to block short-wavelength blue light. Enhances evening melatonin onset, circadian rhythm adjustment, and visibility in dim light. Useful also for calming “hyper” mood states and minimizing aversive visual glare and drug photosensitization of the retina.

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