Chronotypes: Owls, Larks, Hummingbirds, and More…

The Danger of Being an Owl

Owls can enjoy a stroll under the starry sky, or burn the midnight oil to meet a deadline. But a serious downside might outweigh these pluses.


Chronotype: Owls vs Larks

Owls have generally been looked down on as lazy and unmotivated, while the early bird catches the worm. Is that stereotype accurate? Why does it persist?


Where Did You Get That Chronotype?

How heritable are chronotypes? And what can you do to change them?



Learn Your Own Chronotype

You may think you know whether you are a lark, an owl, or a hummingbird, but are you right?



How To Adjust Your Chronotype (the Extent to Which You are an Owl or a Lark)

What can you do if you take the Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire and decide you are too much of an owl, or not enough of a lark?