Welcome Colleagues!

The Center for Environmental Therapeutics welcomes colleagues to cet.org and hopes you will find interesting information and useful resources here.

In this ‘Clinicians’ tab you will find:

  • Our Recommended Reading for Clinicians, which lists the main manuals that provide step-by-step guidance for chronotherapy, as well as books providing the background science to understand circadian and seasonal rhythms and their role in human health.
  • CET’s Clinical Assessment Tool Collection, designed and produced by the Clinical Chronobiology and Biometrics Research groups at Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute, is available here as a set. Your clients and patients can take our three confidential Automated Online Self-Assessments which provide you with the right information to diagnose and follow the course of their depression as well as choose the optimum time of day to initiate light therapy.
  • In our Education section we have a host of Specialty pages that inform in depth about circadian rhythms, sleep and sleep disturbances, seasonal affective disorder, light therapy, to name but a few, and at the same time provide helpful hints to sleep and work better in a healthy environment.

If you are fascinated by daylight and its benefits, make sure to register (for free!) and participate in the Daylight Awareness Week, a series of virtual talks from 22 to 24 of September.

Check the full agenda and register now: www.daylight.academy/daylight-awareness-week/