Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Welcome Colleagues!

The Center for Environmental Therapeutics welcomes colleagues to cet.org and hopes you will find interesting information and useful resources here.

In this ‘Clinicians’ tab you will find:

  • Our Recommended Reading for Clinicians, which lists the main manuals that provide step-by-step guidance for chronotherapy, as well as books providing the background science to understand circadian and seasonal rhythms and their role in human health.
  • CET’s Clinical Assessment Tool Collection, designed and produced by the Clinical Chronobiology and Biometrics Research groups at Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute, is available here as a set. Your clients and patients can take our three confidential Automated Online Self-Assessments which provide you with the right information to diagnose and follow the course of their depression as well as choose the optimum time of day to initiate light therapy.
  • In our Education section we have a host of Specialty pages that inform in depth about circadian rhythms, sleep and sleep disturbances, seasonal affective disorder, light therapy, to name but a few, and at the same time provide helpful hints to sleep and work better in a healthy environment.

If you are fascinated by daylight and its benefits, make sure to register (for free!) and participate in the Daylight Awareness Week, a series of virtual talks from 22 to 24 of September.

Check the full agenda and register now: www.daylight.academy/daylight-awareness-week/

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