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New discoveries to enable you to safeguard your children’s health. For example, investigators recently discovered melatonin is suppressed by almost 90% when children are exposed to bright light – and production does not return to baseline even when the lights are dimmed. How else does light affect children? We want to let you know as the data come in.

Advances to help people with a variety of problems and disorders by using light therapy. Light boxes can reduce excessive daytime sleepiness and related problems in patients with Parkinson’s Disease. They can also improve patient function in fibromyalgia to a clinically significant extent. How else will light therapy expand its therapeutic repertoire in the years ahead? We would like to show you the latest in treatments that are making a difference.

A room designed specifically to treat patients with major depression. Architect Carlo Volf, PhD (left) and psychiatrist Klaus Martiny, MD, PhD, debuted a patient room in their Copenhagen hospital. The room was inspired by research about how light, air, glass, and other features of a room could help people get well. How effective will their innovation be? We want to keep you informed about science on the cutting edge.

The best tools to help you improve sleep and mood. Finding evidence-based products can be a challenge in a crowded marketplace. CET makes life easier for you by publishing popular, and scholarly, articles about the safety and efficacy of certain types of goods. Experts at CET also answer questions about how to use products – or avoid them – depending on individual needs. Finally, while CET does not rate all products, it does identify some items which merit a recommendation. These include a powerful air ionizer which got top marks for its performance when CET tested it.

The relationship between your quality of sleep and your chance of getting Alzheimer’s Disease – with findings that could change your priorities, and the quality of your old age. The Lancet Commission concluded that one-third of dementia cases was preventable, and improving your sleep reduces your risk. In other words, the role of genes, and chance, is less than you might suppose. We want to keep you posted on what it means to improve your sleep, and how you can do so.

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