LowBlueLights Amber Flashlight

Light at night poses a risks to sleep, even if switched on only briefly. Yet there are times you need clear visibility when the house is dark.

If you have to wake up during sleep time to move about — for the bathroom, or to check up on your child — do it smartly, with LBL’s Amber Flashlight. The special LEDs block the wavelengths of light that could keep you up even after you’ve switched off the light and returned to bed.

This hand-held lamp also reduces the chance that your sleeping child wakes up during your nighttime check, or your sleep partner is disturbed as you leave the bedroom and return.



  • Provides amber light peaking at about 590 nanometers
  • Pocket-sized design (2.75”L × 1”W × 0.60”H)
  • Lightweight (1.5oz)
  • Built-in 9-Volt battery
  • Three-position switch: Off / 2 LEDs / 6 LEDs.


Amber Light vs. White Light

White light from standard flashlights can span a wide range of wavelengths from 400 – 600 nanometers (nm). The blue-green component between 400 – 535 nm can wake you up and keep you awake even after your turn off the lamp.

By restricting the wavelengths to above 550 nm, peaking at about 590 nm, you avoid this hazard.

$12.95 + $7.60 First Class shipping and handling. 10% discount ($11.65) for up to 3 additional lamps, no extra shipping fee.

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