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Our aims are high, to: 

  • develop the art and science of circadian rhythms 
  • perfect old treatments and pioneer new ones educate people in different countries, with different languages 
  • define the common interests of the public, patients, and professionals 
  • clarify the interface of environmental therapies and medications 
  • serve as critics of unfounded claims, as watchdogs in the public interest 
  • provide teachers user-friendly, novel curricular materials 
  • offer a platform for scientists and clinicians to share their insights 
  • to motivate corporate funders to support our nonprofit initiatives 

Funding is essential, but you can see there are also many ways to become involved in the work of CET. Please contact Jessica Rao, M.P.H., with your ideas toward support and participation.

Donate to CETIt’s not only money… 

Funding is essential, but you can see there are many other ways to become involved in the work of CET. 

Even little ones: 

  • Did you find a computer glitch when taking our self-assessments? Please report it! 
  • Did you click on a page link, yet the page doesn’t come up? Please report it! 
  • Did you catch a spelling error (or worse yet, a grammatical error)? Please report it! 
  • Were you confused by something we wrote? Please tell us! 

These are not big projects, but your participation makes a big difference. 


As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your gift to CET is income tax deductible in the U.S. (We’ll send you a confirmation.)


Please contact Jessica Rao, M.P.H, Director of Operations and Outreach, at to discuss other contributions.