Elizabeth Saenger, PhD

You may know of twelfth century King Canute because of the myth that he arrogantly stood at the shore of a turbulent sea, and tried to calm it. What he actually did, according to an eyewitness, was show fawning courtiers that he was not a god, and had no control over nature.

If King Canute were here today, and wanted to demonstrate his powers, rather than deny them, would he be at the Jersey Shore, or the Dover Cliffs, waving his arms to stop the tide? No, I think he would be on his throne, commanding his exchequer to order a dawn simulator from CET.

Dawn simulators offer the kind of light the sun provides, and can be programmed so that anyone, king or commoner, can control them completely. This is critical, because the timing, amount, and quality of light (specifically the amount of energizing blue light) send signals to your body, and these messages affect your circadian rhythms.

A Dawn Simulator Fit for a King

CET has come out with a new dawn simulator, the Per2 Smart Lamp, truly fit for a king–or queen. It is the first dawn simulator to integrate dawn, daylight, and dusk, providing an all-day approximation of the sun you would get if you were trying to sleep outside in the backyard, rather enjoying the comfort of your home.

Benefits include a gradual transition in the amount of light generated, beginning with a low level, and increasing to maximum intensity when it is time to get up.

Best of all for those living in cramped quarters, rather than castles, this dawn simulator does not require a separate electronic control box wired to a halogen floor lamp.

Beyond King Canute

We cannot summon the sun, or turn the tides. However, inspired by these natural phenomena, scientists have discovered ways to help us improve our sleep, moods, and energy level with a variety of tools, including a dawn simulator fit for a king.