The Delux light sensor

Be confident you are actually receiving 10,000 lux from your BOXelite OS. Use the clever DeLux Light Sensor to verify that “what you get is what you see!”

The sensor is powered by a light-sensitive pad connected to an LED.  When you hold the pad facing the light box screen, the LED turns bright when you reach 10,000 lux.  You don’t want to sit closer than that. As you move the sensor farther away, the light turns dimmer, and then goes out. You thus learn where to place your chair during your light therapy sessions.

Lux level is determined by five factors:

  • the forward tilt of the light box, which you can adjust.
  • the intensity of the light emitted by the bulbs through the diffusing screen.
  • your seated distance from the screen.
  • your head position facing forward.
  • the general room light level.

. . . That’s why you benefit by using the DeLux Light Sensor.

We will mail your DeLux Light Sensor shortly after you order the BOXelite OS