1. For the time shift on November 4th, 2018. Smooth the shift by resetting your circadian rhythm. Keep your sleep in sync with biological time.
  2. There are potential health consequences of abrupt shifting, which you can read about in  To get into sync with Standard Time, your inner clock will need to drift an hour later, just as the clock on the wall reveals sunrise an hour earlier than the week before on Daylight Saving Time.
  3. Maintain your regular weekday sleep-wake schedule through Saturday morning, November 3rd. Before your go to sleep Saturday night, set your clocks an hour earlier, and draw the bedroom shades.
  4. Avoid bright light on Sunday morning. Give your inner clock the opportunity to drift an hour later without the usual lights-on at wake-up.
  5. On Monday morning, you’ll be prepared to plunge into Standard Time, waking up for the workday at the same clock time as you did the week before. You’ve minimized the jet-lag-like jolt of the time shift, and maximized alertness and sleep quality for the weeks ahead.