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NaturAir Twin Air Titan Ionizer

Years of research and design enhancements have led to this unique ion generator, which produces a steady level of more than 200 million ions measured at 12 inches, with negligible ozone output far below safety limits.There are no filters to replace, and no additional running costs. It performs for years with maximum efficiency. The NaturAir company offers exemplary customer service, quickly reachable by email, Skype, and Whatsapp if, after installation, you have any questions about operation. CET also provides detailed information on the sidebar features of this page.

Note to Teachers and School Administrators, Librarians, Conference Centers, Fitness Centers, Yoga and Dance Studios:

For unparalleled, ozone-free, rapid negative air ionization in group spaces up to 640 sq ft, you may wish to consider the newly developed Titan negative ion generator, which can enhance participants’ mood, concentration, and physical strength and endurance within sessions.

  • This ionizer is not to be purchased if you have not owned a strong negative ionizer before.
  • This ionizer requires 20 inches of space all around it, back, top and sides, nothing next to it.
  • This ionizer should be placed at least 6 feet from anything electric or metallic. (tv’s, laptops, metallic fans, etc.)
  • Placing this in a room with carpets will result in significant static build up and decreased product lifespan.

Note: NaturAir ionizers when first started up will feel excessively strong. Within a few hours they will “settle” into their designed output. Trillions of ions being released results in a faint breeze that you can feel 2-5 inches in front of the emission towers and will vary with the seasons.

This item is available to CET visitors for $269.99, which includes rapid FedEx delivery.

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