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NaturAir Twin ProIonizer

The newly designed potent Twin Pro is the most powerful unit of its kind for air purification.

  • Removes particulates, microbes, odors and 90% of particles as small as viruses
  • Improves mood, quality of our sleep, and concentration
  • Oxygenates our tissues
  • Reduces vulnerability to stress

The Twin Pro also achieves CET’s high-density ionization requirements for therapeutic use. Used therapeutically, it can provide a distinct mood-lifting effect — a novel application pioneered by CET scientists.

When indoor air quality is poor, a PM2.5 meter — an instrument measuring tiny particulate matter suspended in air — might read 150 in a room without an ionizer. With the Twin Pro, the level falls to 30 or less. The government classifies levels below 50 as clean, and safe.

Note: NaturAir ionizers when first started up will feel excessively strong. Within a few hours they will “settle” into their designed output. Trillions of ions being released results in a faint breeze that you can feel 2-5 inches in front of the emission towers and will vary with the seasons.

  • The Twin Air Pro Ionizer emits trillions of negative air ions per second.
  • It produces no measurable ozone and no positive ions.
  • It can cover a room up to 640 square feet.
  • It operates silently.

Size: 3 × 7 × 13 in (7.5 × 18 × 33 cm)
Voltage: 110-240 v
Power: less than 22 w
Coverage: 640 sq ft (196 sq m)
Ion density: 230-280 million ions per cubic cm at 12 in (30 cm)
Ozone density: less than 0.009 ppm

This item is available to CET visitors for $249.99, which includes rapid FedEx delivery. Also available in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand for the price equivalent of £184.99 + regional tax. For other countries, please inquire here.

Before purchasing the Twin Pro, please read our brief User’s Guide. By placing an order, you indicate you have read the User’s Guide.


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Gregg G., United States

I wanted to wait and have a chance to use the ion generator for a while so I can give a review based on experience and performance. I will say that this ionizer has been perfect for me. It works extremely well and has been trouble free. The entire room has the same feeling that you get during and after a thunderstorm. Very refreshing. Completely satisfied with purchase.

Works very well
Marvin H., United States

The REAL DEAL when it comes to negative ion generators. Very happy with this purchase!

You can feel the difference
Thomas I., United Kingdom

I plugged the device in and set it on my stand and immediately was hit with what I call an ionic breeze, you can actually feel the ions blowing out of this thing and there were no funny smells in sight which was a great sign. I kept it on the stand for a few days before I started to notice it making a slight whining noise which concerned me so I emailed the manufacturer. They promptly replied and told me that it requires around 12 inches of space all round and to be placed quite high for optimal efficiency and airflow. Armed with this information I placed it as directed on top of a cupboard (make sure you wipe it down to clean the dust off first) and it was back to being silent. The difference between this and my regular device is immense, as mentioned earlier my nostrils block up at the slightest hint of pollution, dust or dander in the air and since I’ve been basking in the negative ion opulence I can breathe perfectly and clearly through both nostrils all of the time.