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Ten recent publications to catch your interest, selected by:

Renske Lok, PhD
Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, Stanford University

Influence of chronotype on the incidence and severity of perinatal depression in the "Life-ON" study
Corrado Garbazza, Sandra Hackethal, Enrica Migliore, Armando D'Agostino, Chiara
Serrati, Valentina Fanti, Silvia Riccardi, Simone Baiardi, Alessandro Cicolin, Stefan
Borgwardt, Susanna Mondini, Fabio Cirignotta, Christian Cajochen, Mauro Manconi,
“Life-ON” study group
J Affect Disord 2022:Aug 31;317:245-255
Electric lighting, adolescent sleep and circadian outcomes, and recommendations for improving light health
Emily J Ricketts, Daniel S Joyce, Ariel J Rissman, Helen J Burgess, Christopher S Colwell,
Leon C Lack, Michael Gradisar
Sleep Med Rev 2022:Aug;64:101667.
Daily changes in light influence mood via inhibitory networks within the thalamic perihabenular nucleus
Tenley Weil, K M Daly, Hector Yarur Castillo, Michael B Thomsen, Huikun Wang, Maria E
Mercau, Samer Hattar, Hugo Tejeda, Diego C Fernandez
Sci Adv 2022:Jun 10;8(23):eabn3567
Daytime eating prevents mood vulnerability in night work
Jingyi Qian, Nina Vujovic, Hoa Nguyen, Nishath Rahman, Su Wei Heng, Stephen Amira,
Frank A J L Scheer, Sarah L Chellappa
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2022 Sep 20;119(38):e2206348119
Clinical outcomes of light therapy in hospitalized patients – A systematic review
Filippa O. Lindskov, Helle K. Iversen, Anders S. West
Chronobiol. Int. 2022;39(2):299-310
Effects of Circadian Phase Tailored Light Therapy on Sleep, Mood, and Cognition in Alzheimer's Disease: Preliminary Findings in a Pivotal Study
Riccardo Cremascoli, Davide Sparasci, Gianluca Giusti, Stefania Cattaldo, Elisa Prina, Fausto
Roveta, Francesco Bruno, Cristina Ghezzi, Silvia Cerri, Marta Picascia, Sara Bernini, Elena
Sinforiani, Michele Terzaghi, Lorenzo Priano, Alessandro Mauro, Raffaele Manni
Front Physiol. 2022;Jan 6(12):755322
Blue-Light Therapy for Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
André Do, MD, Victor W. Li, MD, PhD, Samantha Huang, BA, Erin E. Michalak, PhD, Edwin M.
Tam, MD, Trisha Chakrabarty, MD, Lakshmi N. Yatham, MD, MBA(Exec), Raymond W. Lam, MD
Can J Psychiatry 2022;May 6;7067437221097903
Opinion: Changing When and How Much We Eat May Extend Healthspan
Joseph S. Takahashi and Carla B. Green
The Scientist 2022;Aug 1
Recommendations for daytime, evening, and nighttime indoor light exposure to best support physiology, sleep, and wakefulness in healthy adults
Timothy M. Brown, George C. Brainard, Christian Cajochen, Charles A. Czeisler, John P. Hanifin,
Steven W. Lockley, Robert J. Lucas, Mirjam Münch, John B. O’Hagan, Stuart N. Peirson, Luke L.
A. Price, Till Roenneberg, Luc J. M. Schlangen, Kenneth P. Wright
PLOS Biology 2022;20(3):e3001571
Dynamic lighting schedules to facilitate circadian adaptation to shifted timing of sleep and wake
Shadab A Rahman, Melissa A St Hilaire, Leilah K Grant, Laura K Barger, George C Brainard,
Charles A Czeisler, Elizabeth B Klerman, Steven W Lockley
J Pineal Res 2022;May 2;e12805