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Ten recent publications to catch your interest, selected by:

Renske Lok, PhD
Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, Stanford University

The Effect of Light on Negative Emotion and Cognitive Regulation in Individuals with Depressive Tendencies
Li Zhou, Chao Ruan, Nuoyi Li, Dandan Houe, Christopher Weirich & Yandan Lin
J Illum Eng Soc 2024:2
Comparative study of sleep and circadian rhythms in patients presenting unipolar or bipolar major depressive episodes.
Jeanne Leseur, Charlotte Boiret, Alix Romier, Balthazar Bazin, Louise Basquin, Emilie Stern, Guillaume Pineau, Michel Lejoyeux, Pierre A. Geoffro, Julia Maruani
Psychiatry Res. 2024:334;115811
The sleep–circadian interface: A window into mental disorders
Nicholas Meyer, Renske Lok, Christina Schmidt and Sarah L. Chellappa
PNAS 2024:129;9
Daylight quality: high-transmittance glass versus low transmittance glass - effects on daylight quality, health, comfort and energy consumption
Carlo Volf, Paul Michael Petersen, Anders Thorseth, Stefan Vestergaard & Klaus Martiny
Ann. Med. 2024:56;1
Why daylight should be a priority for urban planning
Carlo Volf, Bruno Bueno, Peter Edwards, Richard Hobday, Stephan Mäder, Barbara S. Matusiak, Katharina Wulff, Werner Osterhaus, Gabriele Manoli, Christina Della Giustina, Jasmin Joshi, Jerome H. Kämpf, Kevin Vega, Christoph Kueffer
J. Urban Manag. 2024:2
Day and night light exposure are associated with psychiatric disorders: an objective light study in >85,000 people
Angus C. Burns, Daniel P. Windred, Martin K. Rutter, Patrick Olivier, Céline Vetter, Richa Saxena, Jacqueline M. Lane, Andrew J. K. Phillips & Sean W. Cain
Nat. Mental Health 2023:1;853-862
Neuronal dynamics direct cerebrospinal fluid perfusion and brain clearance
Li-Feng Jiang-Xie, Antoine Drieu, Kesshni Bhasiin, Daniel Quintero, Igor Smirnov & Jonathan Kipnis
Nature 2024:2
35 years of light treatment for mental disorders in the Netherlands
Y. Meesters, E. J. D. van Tuinen & M. C. M. Gordijn
Ann. Med. 2023:55;2
Circadian rhythms and mood disorders: Time to see the light
Hannah K. Dollish, Mariya Tsyglakova, Colleen A. McClung
Neuron 2023; Online ahead of print.