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Ten recent publications to catch your interest, selected by:

Renske Lok, PhD
Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, Stanford University

Effectiveness of light therapy as adjunctive treatment in bipolar depression: A pilot study
Alessandro Cuomo, Pietro Carmellini, Maria Luisa Garo, Giovanni Barillà, Claudia Libri,
Alessandro Spiti, Arianna Goracci, Simone Bolognesi, Andrea Fagiolini
J Affect Disord 2023:Jan 15;321:102-107
The Effect of Night Shifts on 24-h Rhythms in the Urinary Metabolome of Police Officers on a Rotating Work Schedule
Laura Kervezee, Anna Koshy, Nicolas Cermakian, Diane B Boivin
J Biol Rhythms 2022:Nov 8;7487304221132088
Late isocaloric eating increases hunger, decreases energy expenditure, and modifies metabolic pathways in adults with overweight and obesity
Nina Vujović, Matthew J. Piron, Jingyi Qian, Sarah L. Chellappa, Arlet Nedeltcheva, David
Barr, Su Wei Heng, Kayla Kerlin, Suhina Srivastav, Wei Wang, Brent Shoji, Marta
Garaulet, Matthew, J. Brady, Frank A.J.L. Scheer
Cell Metab. 2022:34;10:1486-1498
Sleep deprivation as a treatment for major depressive episodes: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Pamina Mitter, Franco De Crescenzo, Kimberley Loo Yong Kee, Jun Xia, Samantha
Roberts, Wenjie Chi, Ayse Kurtulmus, Simon D Kyle, John R Geddes, Andrea Cipriani
Sleep Med Rev. 2022:Aug;64:101647
Non-Pharmacological Treatments
Barbini, B. et al. (2022). Non-Pharmacological Treatments. In: Cavallaro, R., Colombo, C.
(eds) Fundamentals of Psychiatry for Health Care Professionals . Springer, Cham.
The chronobiology and neurobiology of winter seasonal affective disorder
Robert D Levitan
Dialogues Clin Neurosci. 2007;9(3):315-24
Influence of chronotype on the incidence and severity of perinatal depression in the "Life-ON" study
Corrado Garbazza, Sandra Hackethal, Enrica Migliore, Armando D'Agostino, Chiara
Serrati, Valentina Fanti, Silvia Riccardi, Simone Baiardi, Alessandro Cicolin, Stefan
Borgwardt, Susanna Mondini, Fabio Cirignotta, Christian Cajochen, Mauro Manconi,
“Life-ON” study group
J Affect Disord 2022:Aug 31;317:245-255
Electric lighting, adolescent sleep and circadian outcomes, and recommendations for improving light health
Emily J Ricketts, Daniel S Joyce, Ariel J Rissman, Helen J Burgess, Christopher S Colwell,
Leon C Lack, Michael Gradisar
Sleep Med Rev 2022:Aug;64:101667.
Daily changes in light influence mood via inhibitory networks within the thalamic perihabenular nucleus
Tenley Weil, K M Daly, Hector Yarur Castillo, Michael B Thomsen, Huikun Wang, Maria E
Mercau, Samer Hattar, Hugo Tejeda, Diego C Fernandez
Sci Adv 2022:Jun 10;8(23):eabn3567