Light Therapy and Circadian Rhythms

Directed by Michael Terman, PhD

The Biology of Circadian Rhythms

Dan Oren, MD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Adjunct), Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, US

Use light to improve mood, sleep naturally!


Why does light have antidepressant effects? When can it improve sleep, mood, daytime performance, and circadian rhythms? What does our “inner clock” really consist of? How can you help clients shift bedtimes and increase alertness during waking hours?

How to Set Light and Dark for Personal and Work Schedules

Marijke Gordijn, PhD
University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

Your Inner Clock

What physical and biological principles underlie circadian rhythms? How does light change the timing of the “inner clock”? What neural pathways mediate the interrelationships of mood and sleep?

Psychological Factors in the Etiology and Treatment of Seasonal Depression

Psychological Factors in the EtiologyMichael Young, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychology
Illinois Institute of Technology
Illinois, US

Capitalize on your skill set!

You probably use a variety of techniques as a clinician: psychoeducation, the collection of behavioral data, scheduling, motivation enhancement, adherence to treatment protocols, and more.

Apply this same skill set to treat seasonal affective disorder using a new tool: light therapy!