Love mornings E-book

Love Mornings

Love Mornings is a practical, science-based guide to waking up healthier and happier.
It has been written by the Austrian CET partner startup Zeitgeber under the scientific advisory of CET president Dr. Michael Terman. 


Love Mornings helps you understand how your environment and lifestyle influence your natural sleep-wake cycle and morning tiredness. The book compactly explains the science behind the relevant mechanisms and shows the most effective measures for a morning-friendly rhythm. The topics covered include sleep pressure, cortisol and melatonin rhythms, light‘s effects on biology, exercise, thermoregulation and nutrition. You will get tools to sleep better and increase your morning energy, both directly and in the long term. 

Knowing the theory is one thing – putting it into practice is another. This is why Love Mornings covers essential aspects of habit formation, addresses how your mindset impacts your sleep schedule and explains how you can learn to associate mornings with positive feelings. 

The science-based content is presented in an easy-to-understand way and in a friendly tone. The authors explain concepts in a way that requires no prior scientific knowledge and is suitable for managers and interested teenagers alike.

Free e-book access for CET visitors

Love Mornings sells as a paperback book at $19,90 (soon to be available in the CET showroom). As part of the partnership between the startup Zeitgeber and CET, the authors grant CET visitors free online access to the e-book version of Love Mornings. 

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