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LowBlueLights™ Classics (Fitover)


Large Black & Silver Framed Fitover

These are the largest style LowBlueLights™ Fitover Sleep Glasses we carry and they are sized to fit over larger adult prescription and reading glasses. Their polycarbonate frames have a matte black frame with silver features on the front side and temples.

Click here to see a graph showing exactly which parts of the light spectrum this product blocks.

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Marian K. · Definitely help!

I’ve been wearing my Fitover Sleep Glasses for about two weeks and so far so good! They are very comfortable and most times I forget I have them on. Aside from a couple of restless nights, I am sleeping better than I have in years. I would highly recommend them!

Paula K. · Fantastic

The glasses fit well over my own regular glasses and help me to relax before going to bed

Adam Y. · Excellent product

Was amazed at how quickly it helps you fall asleep, and the quality of the sleep is much better too.

I want to help! ❤️