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Blue-Blocking Light Bulb

for evening room light

If you want to  read, move about, or see across the room in the evening hours before sleep, these omnidirectional, dimmable LED light bulbs are the way to go!

Fit them into a ceiling fixture, or floor or table lamp. By projecting light with an amber hue in the vulnerable hours before bedtime, maximize your chances of falling asleep easily at bedtime. Eliminates interference of light in the short-wavelength blue range, which would otherwise provide an activating signal and suppress the evening secretion of melatonin.

Europeans please note: the bulb works at constant maximum intensity at 220 volts without an added dimmer.

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Sold By: Low Blue Lights



  • Provides amber light peaking at about 600 nanometers
  • Standard US E27 lamp base (may require country-specific adaptor)
  • 9 watts from 8 LEDs
  • 40,000 hours average use
  • Unique heat-dissipating design
  • Mercury-free


$24.95 with free shipping in US, $25 international). 10% discount ($22.45) for up to 3 additional light bulbs.