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Bright light therapy lamp

Made in North America with QAI safety approval


  • Combats winter depression (SAD) and winter blues
  • Helps nonseasonal depression and can enhance response to medication
  • Assists sleep onset for night owls
  • Optimizes alertness for night shifts
  • Helps avoid the afternoon slump

Features include:

  • Emits 10,000 Lux at up to 14 inches
  • Quality metal construction
  • Electronically powered for no flicker and no hum
  • No UV & Very low EMF
  • Includes 2 height adjustable legs
  • 7-year unlimited warranty
  • 60-day money back guarantee (full refund of total paid less $35 restocking)

Product Specs:

  • Power : Universal – Lamp automatically selects from 110-270 volts, 50 or 60 hz
  • Wattage :Two 36 Watt tubes
  • Size : 19 inches x 12 inches x 3 inches (not including legs)
  • Weight : 9 lbs
  • Grounded power cord : 8 feet
  • Tube duration : 20,000 hours
  • On/Off switch : Left side of front panel

If you plan to seek insurance reimbursement or use your flexible spending account, click here to download a PDF with sample text for your doctor’s endorsement.

Before you buy a light therapy box, please review How to Select a Light Box for a list of light box criteria developed by CET’s Board of Directors and Advisors.

Before you begin using your light therapy box, please review the instructions for the BOXelite OS here.

Sold By: Northern Light Technologies


The BOXelite OS emits diffuse light through its large front panel. The panel is elevated, making it very comfortable and pleasant to use while reading, eating, or working. The unit is bright, delivering 10,000 Lux at a distance of up to 14 inches. Includes 2 height adjustable legs.

A large screen provides a large area with adequate lux (light). This means you can turn your head around naturally as you read or eat breakfast, and still get a therapeutic amount of light. A small screen, on the other hand, has a limited area where the light is therapeutic. This means you must sit very close to the light box, or endure glare, for light therapy to work for you.

US/International Orders:
$179.99 (US Shipping is included)
Please add $140 for international shipping

Canadian Orders:
+ applicable regional tax

Tracking information will be provided within 2 business days of purchase. Please be patient.

US orders ship out of Champlain, NY via Fedex.

Canada orders ship out of Montreal, QC via Canada Post.

Northern Light Technologies

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Toll-free: 1-800-263-0066


Highly recommend!
Kelly H., United States

A true lifesaver for people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Highly recommend!

Perfect solution for SAD
Sherry N., United States

I bought this light for my husband because he has suffered from SAD syndrome for most of his life. He uses it for 30 minutes every day at breakfast. He has not been depressed this year as he has been during the winter months in other years. We live in the northern part of the US and sometimes in the winter it is overcast for days. If you or your loved one suffers from SAD, do them a favor and buy this light for them.

Love it!
Dan B., United States

This light changed my life. After only twenty minutes of use I fell asleep that night and woke up rested and refreshed. Until then I haven’t slept well in years. Love it!