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LBL blue-blocking night light

Our top-selling, 100% blue-free night light combination from LowBlueLights, perfect background room lighting for those awake during the night. This night light for babies, kids, and adults, replaces standard incandescent and LED night lights that emit activating blue light and creates a ‘virtual darkness’ which will not disturb nighttime melatonin action. This is the perfect option for kids afraid of the dark, as well as useful as a night light projector in the hallway or bathroom.

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NOTE: This bulb will not work in automatic ON/OFF night light fixtures. DO NOT use dimmers with 120-volt LED bulbs as certain dimmers may cause these bulbs to fail.

Price: $12.95 + $7.60 First Class shipping and handling. 10% discount ($11.65) for up to 3 additional night lights, same shipping fee

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This candelabra (E12) screw base bulb and candelabra (E12) screw base fixture are sold together and are designed for 120V outlets most commonly used in USA and CANADA. It is not dimmable.

This product is intended for USA & Canada use only.

Click here to view a graph of the light output spectrum of this lamp.


Love it!
Maria L.

It doesn’t wake me up when I get up in the middle of the night and I can fall back asleep easily.

Very good
Amy D.

Great for those nighttime bathroom trips and falling right back to sleep!

Works well
Kathleen J.

Solid construction, easy on/off, and I really think it helps me get back to sleep when I get up in the night.

Kaitlin S., United States

Love having a safe light in the bathroom at night! Very gentle on the eyes.

Exactly what you need
Mark R., United States

These work great. Just enough soothing light to get around safely at night but not enough to force you to become fully awake. Eliminating the blue wavelength really does make a difference.

Definitely recommend
Joseph W., United States

This is the perfect night light! Zero blue light, LED for low power usage and long life, and it has a switch! The switch is super useful. I dislike the auto-on night lights (who wants that stuff on all night?) and it’s hard to find good switch ones these days. Thankfully this is just the thing I needed.

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