A reader asks:

 Do my eyes have to be looking directly at my light box to get maximum benefit? I usually read or do computer work with my head straight, but my eyes looking down…is light still reaching the retina? Also, I wear glasses to read…will that affect the benefit of the light box?


Never look directly into a 10,000 lux light box — it will be glaringly intense, and quite unnecessary.  How you orient your head and eyes depends on what type light box you are using.  CET’s recommended model, the Day-Light Classic Plus,  was designed to direct light to your eyes from above the line of sight, thus illuminating the maximally sensitive lower portion of your retina.  You receive adequate stimulation by concentrating on the work area below the screen — reading, eating, phoning, texting, working on your laptop, and so on.  Wearing glasses is acceptable as long as they are not tinted. In other words,  clear glass or plastic lenses are fine.