Wednesday, September 23, 2020
A Tale of two sleepers

A Tale of Two Sleepers

How a champion sleeper and an insomniac learned to synchronize their sleep schedules. It was the best of sleep, it was the worst of sleep—in...

Interminable Terminal Insomnia, Part II

SO THERE I WAS, NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, WAKING UP AT 3 A.M. despite my best efforts at sleep hygiene. My new therapist suggested a...

Interminable Terminal Insomnia

When a clinician's bag of tricks is no match for her early morning waking One of my least favorite symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)―not...
Complicated Grief and the Inner Clock

Complicated Grief and the Inner Clock

Abigail Strubel, MA, LCSW, CASAC, When is poor sleep a sign of a broken heart? One of my most poignant patient interactions in the methadone program...

Depressed, Then Sleepless? Or Vice Versa?

New research addresses this classic chicken-and-egg problem by showing that direct attention to insomnia can speed up relief from depression. read more

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