Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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As you’ll see, each of the products below in the Popular Products tab have a badge labeled MORE INFORMATION. Clicking those will take you to the product page, where you’ll find articles about why the item benefits you.

As you’ll see inside with the product descriptions, three of our Select Solutions – the light box, dawn simulator, and ionizer – are supplied via, Inc. Amazon provides the Center for Environmental Therapeutics a commission for purchases of Select Solutions and books through our website. These funds provide essential support for the development and maintenance of Your price is the same, regardless of commission.

However, you can do even better than that at no further cost by joining Amazon’s “Smile” donation program. By clicking this link you’re automatically enrolled with CET as your choice of charity. Now, whenever you shop at Amazon, go to rather than CET will receive their donation of 0.5% of your purchase price. That’s another way to help us create our unique educational materials, to everybody’s benefit. Thank you!

CET’s microdose melatonin project

cet.orgSince you have clicked on this section, we are happy to tell you about our work on a novel preparation of melatonin (the “sleep hormone”), and our hopes for its application.

Melatonin tablets on the commercial market are sometimes used as a dietary supplement to ease sleep onset and sleep continuity. Unfortunately, they produce blood levels far higher than the body’s natural source of melatonin, the pineal gland deep inside the brain.  

In many cases, difficulty falling asleep is due to delayed timing by the inner clock.  The clock signal controls the pineal cycle.  If the clock runs slow, delayed production of melatonin can produce insomnia.  That explains why taking melatonin tablets before bedtime sometimes eases sleep onset.  

Surprisingly, lower doses of tablet melatonin are better at helping you get to sleep than the higher doses found in commercial products.

CET scientists have sought to produce a melatonin tablet for people who want to fall asleep naturally, and easily. Specifically, their tablet will:

  • deliver melatonin in a way that mimics pineal gland activity by spreading out the effect over several hours
  • start to work earlier in the evening, so you will begin feeling ready for bed earlier in the evening
  • use a tiny fraction of the melatonin found in standard tablets (a “microdose”).

For more information, please:

Microdose melatonin is a work in progress, and it will be some time before you find it for sale.  If you want to be notified about availability, email us at