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NaturAir Ionizer

Size: 3 × 7 × 13 in (7.5 × 18 × 33 cm)
Voltage: 110-240 v
Power: less than 22 w
Coverage: 640 sq ft (196 sq m)
Ion density: 230-280 million ions per cubic cm at 12 in (30 cm)
Ozone density: less than 0.009 ppm

Available by PayPal to CET visitors at $239.99 (a $30 discount over Amazon) + 3-to-4 day FedEx delivery at 20% discount. Also available in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand at the price equivalent of £184.99 + regional tax. Use the PayPal button below. (For other countries, inquire here.)

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Sold By: Center for Environmental Therapeutics


CET is pleased to endorse:

Twin Air Pro 2 Ionizer from NaturAir

  • The Twin Air Pro 2 Ionizer emits trillions of negative air ions per second.
  • It produces no measurable ozone and no positive Ions.
  • It can cover a room up to 640 square feet.
  • It operates silently.

Newly designed, the Twin Pro 2 the most powerful unit of its kind available for home air purification, and it achieves CET’s high-density ionization requirements for therapeutic use.  

Used as an air purifier, the Twin Pro 2 removes airborne bacteria, allergens, pollen, harmful dust, pet odors and dander, as well as tobacco smoke and odor.

Used therapeutically, it can provide a distinct mood-lifting effect — a novel application pioneered by CET scientists.

Years of research and design enhancements have led to this unique ion generator, which produces a steady level of more than 200 million ions measured at 12 inches, with negligible ozone output far below safety limits.

There are no filters to replace, and no additional running costs.  It performs for years with maximum efficiency. The NaturAir company offers exemplary customer service, quickly reachable by email, Skype, and Whatsapp if, after installation, you have any questions about operation. CET also provides detailed information on the sidebar features on this page.

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