Thursday, August 6, 2020

Are the Winter blues real? What are the winter blues?

Do they persist across the lifespan?
What are the risk factors for this
condition? Why is there a
question about whether it is real?

How to Use Light Therapy: Six Steps

What kind of light box should you get? And what time of day is best for sessions for you personally? Do you need professional supervision?

Traveling Light: Why I brought my light to Chicago

Our intrepid reporter hones in on her treatment of choice at an airport.

Bright Light Therapy

When was bright light pioneered as a treatment for SAD? How has it been used for sleep disorders? What other problems may it cure?

Sneaky SAD: How Seasonal Affective Disorder sneaked up on me, symptom by symptom.

Our self-observant reporter notices a parade of symptoms, and reacts

Light Box Selection Criteria

Dozens of light box models crowd stores and websites – and they ae not regulated by the FDA. What to you need to look for in a light box to make sure it is safe, and effective?

Andrea’s Story: Up Close and Personal with an Ionizer

When people think of treatment for seasonal affective disorder, light therapy usually comes to mind. Here is an evidence-based alternative.

Bright Light Exposure Risks

What preexisting medical conditions and medications pose a problem with bright light therapy?

For more information about light therapy for SAD, and other types of depression, see All About Light Therapy.

For more information about negative air ion treatment for SAD, see popular articles here, and scholarly articles here.

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